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Tripatkacharya, Mahopadhyay Bikshu Buddhamitra's name before conversion is Devdhari Upadhyaya. He is born at Jagdishpur, Sahjanwa, Gorakhpur, India. The  Father's name is Jagdish Prasad Upadhyaya. He got the title of "Tripatkacharya" from Colombo, Srilanka. He got the tiltle of "Mahopadhyaya" due to his research on "Buddhist places mentioned in Tripatka". He converted to Buddhism on 9th March 1975 in Sri Lanka.


He is director of "Rahul Sankrityayan Puratatva Sangrahalaya, Gorakhpur" and  "Buddha Sangrahalaya,  Kushinagara". He has dedicated himself for discovering the ancient Shakya, Malla, Koliya clans and places which were mentioned in Buddhist literatures. His work puts light on some Brahmins and Kshatriyas who followed Buddhism at mass scale in the lifetime of Buddha. These communities are today known as Sainthwar / Saithwar Rajputs and Babhan / Bhumihar Brahman. Out of the two, Sainthwar kshatriyas derive their name from Santhagara, the assembly house of Kshatriyas of Gana-sangha and Babhan derive their name from Pali word Babhan which was used for Brahmins.


Some points about these communities from this book -